What's black and white?

(F21 bustier, U.O Dress,Gifted United Nude neon green flats, Vintage Chain, and block gold braclets, Seth and Dashiel Des. gold bracelets, Gift gold pinky, "Tess"Gift from Linds and Dani, Random watch gift from J)
Do you remember that book from childhood "where do the butterflies go in the rain"? Well in New York you may find yourself asking that very same question at 4am (shame on you) or 4pm. "where do the cabbies go at 4?" It is literally impossibly to find a cab, and well I have an answer for you. They go off duty for shift change and everyday at 4 sharp they conveniently head to Bond st. exactly where my office is. I find, the meeting of men, the loud music, the exchange of food and cabs really interesting. And thought it was the perfect background for a quicky shoot. The cobble stone streets lined with nothing but cabs...how very new york. I went big for the lingerie outside my clothing by piecing this bustier with a dress. I got a few crazy stares but for the most part I think it works... What do you think?


  1. was just working on a post for bustier, you look amazing

    -He approves (but not of the shoes) ha


  2. you are GORGEOUS!! i lovee the dress and would not have thought to put the bustier and dress together!! LOVE it!!


    - Teeney

  3. Love that your put the bustier on top of the dress. It looks great.


  4. the dress looks great on u :]

  5. Love the bustier over the dress idea- I have a few bustiers and need to try this out. So happy I found your blog :)


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