After a pretty strange week with some lows (D and I are no more sad sad sad face) , getting a 24 hour stomach flu, and starting to peel (gross)...I did have some highs, I received a hefty box of free and AMAZING clothes,I get to keep the ipad 3g I bought as an anniversary present, I finally got the pictures from my Japanese shoot(turns out I'm also on their shopping bags, random, anyone going to Japan anytime soon??) And MOST IMPORTANTLY I'm BLOGGER OF THE WEEK ON WHAT THE HELLZ. Read my full interview(clearly we can disregard my answer to where the fuck I'll be in 5 years) and check out my pics at http://whatthehellz.com/wordpress/?p=17203!!! And make sure to check our their clothes at their online shop on their site as well, I've been living in my tye dye t-shirt so comfy!!!! A very special thanks for Brit of Hellz Bellz (can't wait till you come to NY so we can enjoy some PHO),and Morgan for capturing all the images online for me!!!You are a computer genius!!!(will explain on Japanese blog, coming soon)


  1. I freakin' LOVE your blog! I left you a msg on your very first blog post!.

  2. look at you blowing up! its awesome! whose d?

    -He approves


  3. Congrats girl!!!!



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