Mosh Posh

(Vintage little boys blazer, Random slip dress, F21 booties, necklace, cross ring, Vintage floral cuff, Ksubi Sunglasses, Antique Diamond rings, Skull ring st vendor, American Apparel bra)
This dress (actually a tank top I bought an X-large) is AMAZING. Its light, breezy, shows off just enough ribs to be borderline inappropriate another one of my favorite things. I obviously had to wear a ridiculous bra with it because so much of it was going to show, and lets face it, fashion is not that serious. So I went with a blue and cream sports bra lookin thing. Stacked on lots of rings, bracelets etc pretty standard for me and voilia...


  1. SEXYYYY!!!!


  2. Wish I could throw on stuff and look that good haha

  3. wow, look great, big fan of all the jewelry, definitely thinks it adds some sexiness to it...you look amazing



  4. BoB, pics and site look nice add more skin and double the amount of viewers to your site. Wink Wink. Also I believe you are flying into town sometime this month, if so, can you please return the gold ring I lent you(the one with the V on it) to its rightful owner? Please. It was a gift from my parents. Annnnd..... maybe we can shoot some pics of you for your site while your in towm.hope all is wellz, sincerely Bob


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