Heat Wave

(Vintage dress, Ksubi sunglasses)

Just got home from a beautiful weekend in Georgia and there's a ridiculous heat wave going on! It's legitimately 102 degrees. I tried to muster up enough energy and motivation to get some errands done before I head back to work tomorrow. I bravely ventured outside and visited 2 of my favorite vintage stores. Picked up 2 new blue sequin numbers that I desperately want to wear!!!! (i will find a rhyme or reason to) and this purple dress. Bought fruits and veggies for the week and then headed home to organized all my closets, my room and deconstructed my suitcase situation from GA. I took a lot of really great photos this weekend but my computer did something very strange and deleted them, so I'm waiting for the copies to be sent to me from D's mom!! Will post when I get them. I really wanted to take pictures in this dress outside, but sorry to any of my readers its just too f*cking hot out. So I decided to take a couple pics in my bathroom. I was actually really drawn to the blurry photos (not sure why). My glasses are borrowed perhaps permanently from D. They look better on me ;) anyway and I'm a little obsessed with my dress. Its just the right amount of old lady for me. I just got a feature q&a on "what the hellz" so keep an eye open for that....


  1. Purple looks amazing on you!

  2. This dress is just beautiful!


  3. you have a gorgeous sense of style.
    can't wait for more.



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