(Vintage:blazer, blouse, H&M shorts, Miu Miu heels, Alexander Wang bag, Yves Saint Laurent jade rings, Made Her Think crystal talon ring, vintage Crystal necklaces,F21 sparrow rhinestone necklace, S&D designs "winnie" necklace, vintage crystal chain bracelet, ksubi glasses)photos: Julian
I took these photos specifically for a Japanese magazine, but the magazine is only sold at very specific book stores in the states and having shared the first photo on my blog (my new header) I thought I should share the rest. The outfit is a lot preppier than I would normally dress, but I like the change. The softness and femininity of the pale pink with cream detailing of the shorts, the ever so 80's avocado hounds tooth blazer and stacks and stack of rhinestone necklaces pulled the look together in a very "Tess" sort of way. Also here is the first color photo of my newest Yves Saint Laurent 3 stone jade ring, Isn't is stunning??? I'm still pushing along with my YSL cocktail ring obsession. Actually I think I'm due in for a stop by their boutique...hmmm perhaps tomorrow :)


harshing my mellow

(Vintage: Coat(recent purchase in Canada), sequin shirt, bag, American Apparel leggings, Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, Right hand F21 rings, left hand grandma's emerald ring,h&m deer head)photos:Georgie
Its still f*cking cold in NYC, and I'm getting a little anxious for spring to come already. As a creature of habit I tend to stack on and wear the same jewelry for extended periods of time, get sick of it and move on. So now I'm trying something a little different. Changing it up everyday :) Today's theme was clearly green, and luckily for me I had a few different styles and shades to choose from and stack on, because you know I'm incapable of wearing just one ring ;) Also, check out my new coat...it was $20.00 at one of the 78 thrift stores I went to in Canada. Not only was it incredibly inexpensive, but it feels like I'm wearing a teddy bear, its sooo snugly,light weight, warm and cozy. It really couldn't be better.
FINALLY....I'm able to share some exciting news with you all....I am featured (an entire page dedicated to me) in the newest issue of FUTURE CLAW magazine (an incredible, photography based magazine), amongst other talented, artists, actors, designers and kids to know and love, make SURE to pick it up when it drops in about a week or so...Happy Friday.



I'm on the cover of Daily Single today, YIPPIEEE. Although some of my answers were said in jest...now they will haunt me forever, he he. Take a look at the real deal here.


bits and pieces

Something about black and white photos look and feel more poetic to me. All photos were taken waiting for, or on my flights to and from Canada. Key things to take notice of, my new- vintage moschino "no comment" belt that I find so hilarious, my insane 3 stone Yves Saint Laurent ring, Mary Frances "pearls of wisdom" oober embellished bag, vintage boots and top hat that are reminiscence of a clockwork orange. On another note its crazy snowing out again, gearing up to go snap some pics in this gorgeous weather. Wish me luck staying warm, brrrrr and what do you think about my new purchases?



(Vintage shirt, H&M skirt, Vintage top hat, Vintage Boots, Left wrist: all antique, right wrist: zad cuff, antique gold bangles)Photos:ali
I'm back!!! Canada was sooooo cold and soooo amazing! I spent every waking moment with my best friend Alison doing our favorite things: eating homemade mexican food, thrift shopping, watching movies, dancing so uncoordinated to really bad, really loud music and just catching up. It was fantastic to get out of New York even for the weekend. Dealing with Toronto weather i.e -20 degree weather and trying to look "cute" gave me a fresh new perspective on how to dress in NY. Plus now I feel like a super hero, able to endure even the extreme colds that New York can present. I have so many projects in the works right now and I found and bought sooo many gems at the canadian thrift stores, I can't wait till I'm able to share them with you!!! I'm happy to be back...did you miss me?





I want to win, so show me some major love find my pic, same as above and VOTE for me by clicking on the heart in the corner of my pic :)


(Vintage leather jacket, Band of Outsiders oxford, Ray ban sunglasses, In god we trust hat) Photos: Tess Pare-Mayer (me)
These photos are slightly different than my normal posts. Clearly I'm not the person being photographed, but this time I took a shot behind the lens. I don't know much about men's fashion but I def think Aaron has slick style. I like his clothing so much I actually borrowed each and every piece including the shirt off his back when it was my turn in front of the lens. Anyway, I took a chance at capturing all of his bashful, shy, adorable glory. How do you think it turned out???



I caved, BIG TIME. Not only did I give into temptation by ordering the glittery Litas, But I bought the multi, and the GOLD. I just got these bad boys delivered...Now which to keep? I like the multi because obviously they are easier to match, but you know I have a serious obsession and infinite love for gold. ALSO the gold have yet to be released so I feel just a little cooler wearing them....Let me know what you think .........



(DIY glitter mask, Mom's sweater from the 70's, U.O slip x2, 2 Vintage tassel necklaces, United Nude booties, Target tights)Photos:Georgie
This is the 2nd glittery cat mask that I've made (lost the first). And no matter how much people stare, I think its fun, cute and unexpected. It also matches perfectly with my porcelain doll complexion. I swear by the end of winter I'm going to be transparent! I've been a little over zealous with this lipstick lately, I think it adds a certain costumey feel to any and all outfits.This one feels a little flapper esk, like I came right out of the 20's... But it's literally freezing in NYC and I'm finding it harder and harder to stay warm, cozy and fashionable. I want to stay in bed, snuggled up w Jules all day....but since that isn't really feasible I'm off to buy some new sweaters :)



(Vintage fur coat, Kolae skirt, Alexander Wang Bag, Steve Madden booties)photo:A Stern
A simple outfit for a lazy Sunday. I have said this before and I will say it again, I'm obsessed with anything sheer/see thru. I actually bought a similar pleaded version of this skirt yesterday only to go home and cut out the liner!!! I intend on wearing it with grandma style panties, motorcycle boots and a shredded sweater for the arrival of my bf back to the burgh. I'm off to some of my favorite vintage/thrift/antique stores to try and score some new gear for my trip to Canada this weekend to visit my best friend. Enjoy the long weekend everyone.

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