beacon closet

(Vintage Navy and white dress, antique rings and bracelets)photos:Georgie

As I said I am writing a piece for Styledon.com about vintage shopping. So living in BK now, an obvious choice was beacon's closet. Its a sea of vintage, new, used, costumey treats. If you take your time you're sure to find gems like this studded bedazzled leather jacket, or this long, neon pink, beaded tulle dress. I didn't purchase either because lets face it, Its cold as sh*t in New York now and I've got no where to wear either. Make sure to check in for their post about my shopping extravaganzas. And I will link it here on my site. Stay warm New Yorkers, and see you soon sunny California...wink wink


  1. The jacket is so cool !!!.

    Gorgeous look !

  2. i´ve heard so many nice things about beacon´s closet. if ever i´ll make it to new york next year, i will surely stop by! i love that black jacket you were trying on! fits you like a dream.

    ps: thanks for your super sweet comment on lookbook!


  3. Gorgeous!!!!
    xoxo Heather http://behindthelashes.com

  4. you look gorgeous! i love that jacket and that dress is amazing!

    Fashion Bag 411

  5. I've heard many good things about them. you look lovely in that dress! very pretty :)

    xxx Charlie


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