(Vintage sweater, Vintage Levis, F21 oxfords, F21 cross necklace, Vintage Louis Vuitton bag, Ksubi sunnies)
Just a quick shot from Quoc while waiting for brunch at my fav east village restaurant. I'm actually deathly ill, but this is when its great to have good friends. Magazines, soups, lottery scratchers, mayjah snuggles and every type of cold medicine known to man!!!! Time to sleep and try to get better asap.


  1. i love the cropped chunky sweater.. i want to try this but not sure how good i'll look after 2 kids ;) ha.


  2. ever since i stumbled unto your blog i have to say i fell in love with ur stylesense...you are doing it so effortlessly well. there is something so refreshing about your style delivery i can't put my finger on it and that i think it means you have your own thing going on . your PulloffAbility is all there.it is brilliant!. had to leave a comment and show you some e-love
    much power to you, keep styling. Stay Wonder Full


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