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a series of photos including but not limited to canada, top hats, san francisco, nyfw, finsk shoes, yves saint laurent jewelry,iris van herpen x united nude, bridges and funny drawings of friends by friends....all =ing one thing GOOD mother F*cking times...hope you enjoy this glimpse into my recent ventures.


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(Ty' Sweater, Maurie & Eve demin shorts and leotard, Vintage bracelets, YSL ring, KronKron shoes)photos:Helen Pearson

More photos from my collaboration with solestuck. This was by my favorite outfit because it was the closest depiction of my style. And the bigger the hair the better in my mind, plus I love any excuse to wear fake lashes!!!! I'm back in the city, back to the grind. Over accessorizing, meeting with new and interesting people early in the am before work in hopes to collaborate. Wish me lots of luck!!!!!
I JUST got my interview and all the pics from SOLESTRUCK, 3o something photos, numerous looks, cool shoes, insane hair and make up, amazing shots!!!!! SO excited check it out, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here...oh and here :)



(Maurie&Eve Dress, Vintage Fur, Yves Saint Laurent Rings)photos:Helen Pearson

More photos from my collaborative project with solestruck. This look inspired me through out the entire 10 days of fashion week. The 1970's, studio 54 glam feel, with the blue mascara,yellow eyeliner, skunk dye job, and giant fur coat was so on point, I ventured out early am the morning after this shoot in search of a teenie tiny curling iron so I could replicate this afro-esk style. I found it and think that I have perfected the curl vs frizz and fullness factor. If I didn't HAVE to have a day job, this is what I would wear/look like on a daily basis...curses having to pay the bills wins again.



(Maurie & Eve dress and shoes, Stylist's vtg jean jeacket, Accessories-mine)
Here is the first set of photos for my collaboration with Solestruck feauturing Maurie & Eve. The dress, shoes, stylist, hair, make up... all perfection. A big, no HUGE hug and kiss to Ty at solestruck. Click here for the solestuck blog, here to purchase this bella pair of shoes, and here for Maurie & Eve.



(Vintage:caftan, boots,necklace, target tights, American Apparel t-shirt dress, Disney Land Mickey Ears, YSL rings, S&D designs cuff) photos:chloe
The weather is warming up just a bit, enough to snap some quick photos sans jacket. If you're a reader of mine you KNOW by now that I have a serious obsession with Kimonos and or anything that has any resemblance to them i.e beaded caftans. This jacket is no exception. The almost grandma tapestry feel with the beaded tassel detailing is such perfection it makes my heart skip a beat. This is as close to "normal" as my outfits typically get, so I clearly had to Tess it up a little with my Mickey Mouse ears. They serve no purpose, have no meaning behind them.Perhaps this is an attempt to be silly and embrace my inner 5 year old in preparation of seeing my niece and nephew this weekend in California. Who know???
This look seen on Teen Vogue here.


love day

(Vintage sequin jacket, DIY shredded sweater, American Apparel leggings, 24k gold hand cuffs Kiki de montparnasse, SS handcuffs Smith and Wesson, Yves Saint Laurent rings,S&D name plate bracelet,Vintage necklace, Ksubi sunnies, Converse)photos:Chloe

Waking up on Valentines day to a non-running train in BK, left me walking from Jules' apt to mine at 7am this morning and a bit flustered while getting dressed. I piled on the vintage clothing and accessories, for this edgy but feminine rocker chic look. I also added a new Yves Saint Laurent ring to my collection (the coral one,purchased yesterday) so I made certain to wear it today!!!



(Maurie and Eve dress and shoes, Vintage bracelets, YSL rings)
A little sneak peak at my collaboration with Solestruck....



Time Out New York featured the 32 "most stylish" people in New York, I am honored and proud to be listed as one along side people like Lori Goldberg, Yoni Goldstein, and Jessica Hart to name a few. Check out the article and more photos here. And pick up your copy at your nearest newsstand or book store :)


not so lazy sunday

(ON me: F21 sweater, DIY shorts, JL socks, Vintage Harley Davidson boots, Italian hat, Kiki de Montparnasse keys-to the gold handcuffs, and vintage necklaces SHOOT&MODEL: all clothing Kolae, all accessories MINE)
Sunday was spent styling the Fall-winter Kolae look book. The line was of course, edgy, raw, feminine with clean lines and interesting detailing. The simplicity of the clothing let my imagination run WILD. I stacked on bracelets, cuffs, rings, men's style hats, bullet bracelets and 24k gold handcuffs. It was an interesting shoot to be part of because the man behind the lens was my man.... watching your boyfriend take photos of a 6 foot tall, drop dead gorgeous, half naked bombshell could be problematic.... but I kind of liked it, and we came out victorious!!! No bickering, no fighting, just a few hysterical moments where we both lost our breath from laughing so hard at inappropriate jokes. FYI fashion week is here, thus begins the BUSIEST week of my life, if you want up to the minute news, backstage photos, or glimpses of the shows and parties I'm attending make sure to follow my twitter @blacklistednyc!!!! And check back on the LBL for real posts :)

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